About Our Organization

Gift of Life Donor Program is the region’s non-profit organ and tissue donor program which serves as the link between those who want to be organ and tissue donors and those who are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant at one of the 14 regional transplant hospitals. Serving 11.2 million people across Delaware, southern New Jersey and the eastern half of Pennsylvania, Gift of Life has coordinated more than 47,000 organ transplants and approximately one million life-enhancing tissue transplants since 1974. Thanks to its compassionate community, for the past 11 years, Gift of Life has coordinated the most life-saving organs for transplant in the United States. Its annual donation rate ranks among the highest in the world.

The need for more donors is one of this country’s critical public health issues. Currently, there are more than 113,000 men, women and children awaiting a life-saving transplant in the Unites States, with an average of 20 people dying each day waiting for an organ. Just one organ donor can save up to eight lives, and one tissue donor can benefit more than 75 others.


The ability to save or enhance the quality of life for patients depends on more individuals giving consent to organ and tissue donation.

There are two easy ways to register as an organ donor:


1. Say YES when you receive or renew your driver's license or state ID.

2. Sign up online at our website donors1.org

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