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Liver Laugh Love

Donor Dash 2021

Thank you for all your support these past years joining us for the Donor Dash and your generous donations. 

The Dash last year as you may remember was done  on your own  wherever you felt safe to do a 3K walk or run.   Unfortunatly the Donor Dash  once again will be done on your own where you feel safe.  I am encouraging all of you to make time to participate and donate to this Awesome Organization.  

The goal of the Dash is to bring awareness to this critical need to register more organ and tissue donors. All proceeds from the Dash benefit public education programs designed to increase the number of people who register as organ and tissue donors, as well as Gift of Life Family House.
Organ donation and transplantation work. The Dash celebrates the life-saving power of donation and honors all of the donors who make it possible. By supporting Gift of Life and the Donor Dash, you will help raise awareness about the critical need to increase the number of those registered as organ and tissue donors.

                      Please Make a Donation to this Awesome Orgainization under Team : Liver Laugh Love!


Many of you registered for the walk and run last year.  This year you will receive a  Donor Dash Tee Shirt for participating from HOME.  No need to register again.   

I would like to ask everyone to participate in a walk or run this year wearing your "Liver Laugh Love" shirts and sharing your photos with me and or on Facebook on The Donor Dash Facebook page.  Donor Dash will be celebrated the week of April 11 to April 18, 2021.  

Our family and  friends who would like to join us will once again participate in the Donor Dash from Home and walk a 3K on Sunday April 18, 2021.   Consider walking with us or on your own.

    Again Thank You So Much for All Your Ongoing Support,  


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