Gift of Life Donor Dash

The day we found out she was going to be listed!!
The day we found out she was going to be listed!!


May 29th, 2019 might be just like any other day for someone else; however, for our family, this is a date that changed our lives.  A date for a miracle; a date for a second chance; a date which included profound worry and elation at the same time; a date to reflect on memories you had in the past; a date for dreaming about memories to be had in the future; a date where our mom received her Gift of Life, a new heart.  

We were beyond joyed as we heard the news that the team had "found a match".  But with that same moment of joy, came a moment of pause as we reflected on the Donor's family who was going through the exact opposite emotions at that very time.  A selfless decision that the donor and family made, in order for us to have more memories with our mom.  We will forever be grateful for that decision, and hopefully one day will have the chance to express our profound gratitude and share the memories and funny stories we were able to make before she passed on November 20th, 2019.

We will be running in honor of our mom and her donor on April 19, 2020 with our team #LiveLikeSue.  The Donor Dash brings more than 14,000 people together to raise funds in order to educate the community about the need for more people to register as organ and tissue donors.  Proceeds from the Donor Dash benefit the Transplant Foundation, the charitable foundation that supports programs and activists for donor and recipient families, like ours.  We thank you for the support and dedication to a charity that is truly near and dear to our hearts ♥ 

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