Gift of Life Donor Program

Christmas 2019
Christmas 2019

We Be-Lung Together

This team is being put together in Honor of Gina Clay, my mom, who was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in the Summer of 2018. She declined quickly and breathing became a chore even on high levels of oxygen. On March 21st, 2019 she recieved the call that a match for a new lung was available. This team is honoring and thanking her for all her hard work to recover so we can still have our Mom, Mom Mom, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Friend, and most importantly my Dad can have his Wife - who he just celebrated his 51st Christmas with!

We also are honoring the donor. This person chose organ donation and it saved my Mom, and maybe other people with other organs. This choice is such an honorable choice and we are forever grateful to the donor.

So we ask that you either join our team "We Be-Lung Together" or donate to the Gift of Life to bring attention to this important choice we all have and  to show our gratitude to those who have chosen life.

THANK YOU so much and Let's get moving together!

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