Gift of Life Donor Program

Michele's Miracles

Please join us as we celebrate the gift of life that my Uncle Vince and my Dad gave to my mom through a kidney transplant. In 2010, my Uncle Vince donated his kidney to my mom, followed by my Dad in 2015 through the Paired Kidney Exchange Program. My mom is finally in a good place and doing great and we'd love to bring awareness to this worthy cause!

We also want to celebrate the life of my mom's brother, Tim, who lives on in a special way through the recipients of his organs. My Uncle Tim died at the young age of 28 and through the donation of his organs, he was a miracle worker to 5 recipients.

Lastly, we represent CHOP nurses, who along with my mom, took care of some of the first heart transplant patients performed there.

10k run starts at 7:10, 5k run starts at 7:20, and the 3k walk starts at 8:30.

Looking forward to walking with you all on April 2nd! :) 

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