Gift of Life Donor Program

Renee's Smile

On March 9th, 1990 a true star was born in Renee Elizabeth Mizdail. From the moment Renee took her first step it was quite evident she would join a rare group of pioneers whose mission would be to influence others through happiness; a mission propelled through leading by example. Renee brought sunshine and warmth to all she knew on those cold gloomy rainy days where it felt the rain would never quit. She truly found herself in a rarified atmosphere full of righteousness, an atmosphere many of use can only hope, dream, and pray we may find ourselves in one day.

On September 10th, 2012, Renee and baby Isabelle departed our world well before their expected time. It was a day only to be described as a horrid nightmare for all who knew Renee. We continue to suffer each day without Renee and her positive glowing presence; but we strive to mend our hearts through lasting memories, moments, and constantly hearing new stories from family, friends, and even strangers who she positively influenced along the way. She is no longer the star shining bright among all of us, instead she has morphed into a megastar where she is now able to broadcast her superior well-being across the whole universe and to all who look up at the stars every night.

Although all of us continue to miss Renee on a daily basis, and long for the day in which we will meet Isabelle and see Renee again, we are thankful for the Gift of Life Organization. We find peace in knowing Renee continues to help others extend their lives, but that each of the individuals in which Renee was their donor ultimately have been given the gift to smile once again. Smiling was Renee's modus operandi, and we know she is at peace when she can continue to make people smile both here on Earth and with her spirirt in Heaven. 

We would like to personally extend the invitation for family, friends, and even strangers who may have not met yet who knew or were impacted by Renee in some way to join our team to either walk or run the 5k,10k in the Gift of Life Donar Dash. We know there are a lot of you out there so we anticipate a large team! Our thought is each team member will be a star which will make up one large constellation known as Renee's Smile, shining bright together for all to see.

We can't wait to see you all out there!

Contact Team Captain James Mizdail with any questions. 


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